Inspections: Permits and Licensing

Permit Inspections

Inspections help make sure work is following the approved plans, is done safely and is to code. It is vital that inspections are done, as incorrect work or installations can result in house fires, flood damage and/or structural problems. They are required at various stages of a project, depending on the work that is being done. Please remember that legally a project is not complete until it has passed the final inspection.

Permitted Inspection Request

Request shall only be made by the Permit Applicants. A twenty-four hour notice is required for inspection requests.

Inspection Request Procedure
  1. To request an inspection call 301-797-6313
  2. Follow the prompts
    • #1 – Building Inspections
    • #2 – Electrical Inspections
    • #3 – Plumbing / Mechanical Inspections
    • #4 – Curb and Sidewalk Inspections
    • #5 – Grading Inspections
  3. You must provide the following information;
    • Your Name
    • The Work Address
    • Permit Number
    • Contractor or Property Owner’s Name
    • Type of Inspection Requested

Note: Special Request for AM/PM inspection times must be made with the Inspector

Building Inspections

Adopted Codes:
2015 International Building Code with local amendments

2015 International Residential Code with local amendments

Required Information to be onsite

The building permit and City approved drawings

Required Inspections (Residential and Commercial)

  • Footing forms prior to placing concrete
  • Foundation
  • Slab
  • Framing – trade inspection rough-in approvals are required before requesting this inspection.
  • Ceiling Close-in – trade inspections ceiling close approvals are required before requesting this inspection
  • Final
Important Inspection Requirements*
*Depending on the complexity of the project, additional inspections may be required

Electrical Inspections

Adopted Code: 2014 National Electric Code with local amendments

Required Inspections (Residential and Commercial)
  • Temporary electrical service
  • Underground / trench
  • Electrical service / service upgrade
  • Rough-in
  • Ceiling close
  • Final
*Depending on the complexity of the project, additional inspections may be required

Plumbing Inspections

Adopted Code:
2015 International Plumbing Code with local amendments

2015 International Fuel Gas Code

Required Inspections (Residential and Commercial)
  • Water Service
  • Sewer
  • Rough Plumbing / Gas to include pressure tests
  • Final Plumbing / Gas
*Depending on the complexity of the project, additional inspections may be required

Mechanical Inspections

Adopted Code: 2015 International Mechanical Code with local amendments

Required Inspections (Residential and Commercial)

  • Rough Mechanical
  • Ceiling close-in
  • Final Mechanical
*Depending on the complexity of the project, additional inspections may be required

Licensing Inspections

Exterior inspections are performed every two to four years and are designed to ensure a property is maintained to a minimum standard. The focus is both on safety and minimizing any negative effect on neighboring properties. Interior inspections are needed no more often than once every four years and only when there is a tenant turnover. Designed to ensure a minimum safety and health standard, inspections focus on making sure there are properly installed and functioning smoke detectors, adequate means of egress and emergency escape, sufficient ceiling height, proper ventilation and no electrical hazards.

Rental Licensing Inspections

Interior Inspections

  • Required at the first tenant turnover if the unit has not been inspected in the preceding four years.
  • Inspections are good for a minimum of four years. After four years another inspection is required at the next tenant turnover.
  • The owner/agent is responsible for contacting the office to schedule an inspection at least three business days prior to a new tenant moving in.
  • Water, electricity and gas (if applicable) must be turned on.
  • The unit should be “move-in ready”. Any renovation/repair work should be completed.
  • The unit needs to be vacant. A few belongings are acceptable, but they must be moved away from walls to allow for the inspection.
To request an inspection call 301-739-8577 ext 103 or email your request to Code Administration. Please note that only the property owner or agent can request an inspection.

The following information is required when requesting an inspection:
  • Name of the person/organization requesting the inspection
  • Address of the property to be inspected, including unit number if applicable
  • Entry instructions, including access location, contact telephone number, lock box code, etc.
Sample of Rental Interior Checklist

Exterior Inspections

  • Conducted annually - Map of Inspection Area
  • Exterior inspections do not need to be scheduled and the owner does not need to be present. However, you can request to be present by calling 301-739-8577 ext 103.
  • Results of the inspections will be sent via mail unless other arrangements are made.
Sample of Rental Exterior Checklist

Vacant Structure Inspections: Non-Residential and Residential Properties

The exterior will be inspected annually. The interior of a vacant structure will be inspected in accordance with the following schedule:

Vacant Residential and Non-Residential Structures - At first renewal and annually thereafter
Vacant Blighted Residential and Blighted Non-Residential Structures - At initial application and on an annual basis thereafter

Sample of Vacant Interior Checklist

Community Enhancement Inspections

Proactive and complaint driven inspections for violations on any property. Inspections focus on sanitation, unlicensed vehicles, unsafe structures, lack of utilities, and exterior conditions.

Please call 301 739 8577 Ext. 103 to report a suspected violation / condition

Pre-Sale Inspection Program

The Pre-Sale Inspection Program offers potential buyers the opportunity to learn if a property is in compliance with the code. The Pre-Sale Inspection is intended to identify violations of the Hagerstown City Property Maintenance Code and is not intended to take place of a licensed home inspection.

Pre-Sale Inspections cost $100 for a single unit, plus $40 for each additional unit.

Both the buyer and the seller must consent, in writing, to an inspection. All code violations must be abated within the timelines listed on the checklist, regardless of the status of the sale.

To schedule a pre-sale inspection, please call (301) 739-8577 x 103.