Sponsors & Donations
The Community Affairs Department of the City of Hagerstown seeks sponsorships and donations for Hagerstown’s programs, events and capital projects.

The generosity of individual donors, community groups, and corporate supporters supplement municipal funding and ensures that vital programs, events, and projects continue for the city’s citizens and visitors.

We value the partnership with all those people with a spirit of generosity and commitment who understand that, without this help, the City of Hagerstown could not continue to have special events, parks, playgrounds, unique programs, and much more.

Each individual and group has a contribution to make; each group and individual is greatly valued.

How you can support and help the City of Hagerstown
  • Bequests
  • Corporate / business community support
  • Events and other fundraising activities
  • General donations
Thank you for assisting the City of Hagerstown.