Hagerstown: Gigabit City

The City of Hagerstown, in partnership with private technology entities, is preparing our innovation infrastructure for the future with 1GB fiber broadband access. The creation of these networks is vital for economic growth, job creation, and competition in both a local and global market.

Gigabit broadband is an ultra-high form of high speed internet which is capable of providing data transfer download speeds of 1GB (gigabit) per second (Gbps). This download speed is the equivalent of 1,000 Mbps where the typical download speed for your current broadband connection ranges between 30-150 Mbps.

Chattanooga, Tennessee was one of the leading communities in gigabit access, attracting businesses like Amazon and Volkswagen. Their innovation and investment led to 3,700 local jobs. Likewise, Kansas City became a Google Fiber community to bring the service to residential consumers. In turn, startup tech companies started flocking to the area, branding them as the "Silicon Prairie."

Area Gigabit Fiber Providers

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